Sticky business, the sweet seduction of sugar in art.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam has a nice treat for you: The exhibition Sticky business. It shows sugar as a source of inspiration for artists. Either as the  seductive and sweet taste that most of us crave for or as a medium for works of art and a source of telling a more serious story about our history.

When you walk into the exhibition you are wowed by a colourfull sugarcoated landscape. This instalation: Gifts of magic creatures may seem worthless, 2017 by Pip & Pop makes you feel like a kid in a candystore. When you walk a bit further there is true seduction (and a bit of morality) from the lickable statues of sexy lolypop ladies from artist Joseph Marr.

This ehibition shows us not only the frivolous side of sugar, but the bittersweet side as well. It is the source of a lot social injustice in the world. Our craving for sugar in the west was also a big contributor to slavery. And what about our health? We already know that sugar contributes to a lot of weight- and healthproblems.

This gives an interesting and balanced view on the theme sugar. Thanks to the curator of this exhibition; eating designer Marije Vogelzang it is a diverse mix of artworks that makes you smile but also think. And next to that there’s some interesting background information about sugar and sweets as well.

It is really hard to keep your hands to yourself and not put a tiny part of this exhibition in your mouth. We definitely needed a piece of cake after visiting.

Want to visit this exhibition? You have to hurry: it is there until 18 februari 2018 in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Pip & Pop | Gifts of magic creatures may seem worthless, 2017

Joseph Marr | Vanitas, Leila Lowfire, 2016

Marije Vogelzang | Sugarguns, 2004

Helmut Smits | The real thing, 2014



Birgitta van Langeveld is the creative director of Spoon of Art. She is a gifted conceptual thinker and has a keen eye for the art of the preparation and presentation of food.

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